What is SportsUpdate.ME?

SportsUpdate.ME is an information and communication portal that coaches, parents, players and others can view on the go from their smartphone. It is a web app framework which means it can be viewed on any platform - iOS, Android, Windows etc... even on a desktop computer if it has internet connection.

A series of Modules or buttons make up the app.

These buttons can either be static or dynamic in nature, meaning that the content can either be fixed or contain information from other sources. All the information your players need in one location. Plus, communicating with coaches and players is simple.

How does it work?

SportsUpdate.ME is thoughtfully constructed to connect to a variety of accessible cloud applications such as Google spreadsheets, Google calendar, RSS feeds. Most information is stored in a Google Spreadsheet and this has multiple tabs to present different information on the app. Tabs such as:

  • Teams
  • Players
  • Draw
  • Venues
  • Rosters
  • Club Contacts
  • and More

Information that is entered into this spreadsheet is instantly available on the app. On top of that, other information such as:

  • Club Blog
  • Calendar
  • Sponsors
  • Maps and Directions to grounds are generated.
  • Links to facebook, twitter feeds
  • Training status
  • Ground Status
  • Club Merchadise
  • and More

Full Module List

Lindfield JRC

Lindfield suggested a few modifications which were implemented for their site. Some modules were considered more important and were moved up in the order on the front page. Another modification was to display both their ground status' on front page along with training status.

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