Module Group #1

  • Sponsors - Show your sponsors on the Front Page

Show them you care or even attract some new ones. Two spots for sponsor images that link to their sites. More than two? We can rotate as many as you like whenever someone reloads the page.

Module Group #2

  • Teams Selector -Select your team(s)

The core module for full functionality of the app. The team selector is the springboard for users to find information relevant to their team(s). Users select their teams and they are then available to be clicked on the front page.

Module Group #3

  • Training Status - Training Status and information on the Front Page

Another important module to let players know if training is on or off. Never leave them wondering again when the weather turns.

Not only can you flip the switch, you can leave a message and even when it will be next updated.

Custom Module (Example)

  • An example of a custom mod

Custom mods are used when the core app doesn't give you that mod you really need. In the example it is a dynamic mod that gets updated from an external source.

Some examples may be council ground status, ladder position, water level, pool temperature, wicket condition... if you can find it on the web, then it can be made into a mod!

Custom mods can either be static or dynamic and do cost a little more, but you only pay once. Generally $10 for static mods and up to $50 for dynamic (depending on how involved they are).

Lindfield JRC

Lindfield suggested a few modifications which were implemented for their site. Some modules were considered more important and were moved up in the order on the front page. Another modification was to display both their ground status' on front page along with training status.

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